2021 Covid Altered Silver Comet 10k Participant Instructions

Let me start by saying we survived 2020 – held both of our annual races – and we continue to do our very best to provide a covid altered race day run experience for the 2021 Silver Comet 10k. This past year has been so weird, and a sense of normalcy is something we are holding on to! We were the last official run in the ATL last spring and we aim to be one of the first in person 2021 runs.  

So, to clarify, the 10k race is Covid-Altered, not cancelled, and not totally virtual (unless that is the option YOU choose)!  Facing the same covid restrictions, the half and full covid life lemonade was so sweet in the fall, that we are going to do the same thing for the March 13, 2021 10k race. Please bear with us as we navigate this along with you!

Please read to the end!

Refunds/Deferrals: No refunds (per signed waiver when registering) offered, and no deferrals. This is non-negotiable. If you want the option for a refund, Active.com offers insurance at the time of registration.

Race Day Registration: No race day registration. Online registration will close Tuesday March 9, 2021 at 11:59pm. Please note this is two days earlier than we originally posted on Active.com.    You may register at the number pickup times listed below – $40 CASH.

Shirts: Yes, of course, there will be shirts for each participant!

Police: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! There will be no police – no closing the road or trail + road intersections. Participants will start on the sidewalk across from the normal start line across Floyd road from the Kroger. MUST stay on the sidewalk for the first .75  mile down to Wisteria, yield to traffic on Wisteria, and obey all traffic crossings on Floyd Road, and on the trail. Once you turn onto the Silver Comet Trail off Brookwood there are two road crossings – at approx mile 2 at Floyd Road and at approx 2.5 miles at Hurt Road.  You are responsible for running the course as you would if you were on one of your normal runs on your own.  There is an additional waiver for participants to sign stating they understand and assume any and all risks!

Timing: For participants who run the official course on March 13, there will NOT be an official mass start or start time. This is a time trial start.  You may cross the start mat at any time from 7:00am to 7:45am.  The mat will be set up on the sidewalk across the street from our start line Kroger.  You must approach from the intersection of NickaJack and Floyd road to avoid your timing chip from duplicate reads.  Please note, the “start line” will just be a volunteer with the start mat protected by cones.  We suggest you park as normal and cross at Nickajack / Floyd Road traffic light and walk down to the start mat just like we always do.  There will be chalk paint arrows and more detailed instructions the week of the race.  Please follow us on Instagram to see videos and updates about the start.  All participants who want an official time will have to cross the start line timing mat during the 45 minute window. There will also be a finish line timing mat.

Peachtree Qualification: YES, if you run the official course during the specified time, you CAN use your time for Peachtree Qualification. 

Awards: Overall awards will be awarded to those who run the official course, based on chip time.

Packet Pick Up: We will offer multi-day packet pick up, for all virtual & in-person participants. Packets will include a shirt and number (official course runners only), and other fun goodies! Masks required to pick up your swag – Dana is a high risk person, so please be considerate. Packet pickup will be Wednesday March 10 and Thursday March 11 from 4:30p to 6:30p – at the AutoBell Carwash in the Mableton Kroger parking lot, 4865 Floyd Road Mableton GA 30126  

Parking: Parking is allowed in the Kroger and Publix parking lots (4875 Floyd Road / NickaJack Road) – away from the stores  – however, we recommend you be dropped off / picked up at the end! There will be no shuttles from the finish line (Mavell Road) back to Kroger, and no set up at the start line. Do not block businesses, as in previous years!

Start and Finish Line Addresses: The start line address is: On Floyd Road in front of Mableton Kroger: 4875 Floyd Road, Mableton, GA 30126. The finish line address is: Silver Comet Trail Head: Mavell Road – at deadend past Nickajack Elementary School (4555 Mavell Road SE), Smyrna, GA 30082. Please remember the trail head is still operational and the trail is not closed – do not block the parking lot.  You may arrange pick up or carpooling from the elementary school bus lot. 

Course Marking: Please look at the course map and make sure you are familiar with the route. Floyd Road down to Wisteria, right on Brookwood, right onto the Silver Comet Trail.  There will be two road crossings once you turn onto the trail, one at Floyd and one at Hicks Road. 

Water Stops: We have our awesome SCHS soccer coaches volunteering for each water stop however please prepare to carry your own water and supplements – we will not offer gels/snacks, due to Covid protocols.

Shuttles/Porta-potties: No shuttles – this has been off the table since the beginning of the pandemic! The trailhead bathrooms are open and available for use. The trailheads are marked on the course map.

Photographer:  Our photographer for the finish line isn’t confirmed yet.  So…PLEASE take selfies and photos, tag us and send them to us!

Spectators: You can direct your spectators as you so choose. Covid protocols discourage hanging out at the finish line. Any spectators should wear masks.

Submitting Results: If you run virtually, you may run at any time through March 20, 2021 and submit times through email.  Please plan to pick up your t-shirt at above mentioned times or race day at the finish line location. – details week of.

With current complications aside, we thank each of you for your patience, understanding, and support as we traverse these hopeful yet continued difficult times. We hope we can share the beautiful Silver Comet Trail with you, and properly celebrate our 23rd Annual Silver Comet 10k!  We are very optimistic that the 21st!!! Silver Comet Half Marathon and 10th Annual Marathon on October 30, 2021 will be NORMAL! (Registration is open on Active.com)

We *NEED* to be out there to support y’all, as we’re able to do safely, as much as y’all need this run. We’re sorry things aren’t normal, but we want everyone to be safe, healthy, and to get your run & walk on!

We’ve had significant pressure to do a virtual only event; however, we are moving forward in the same fashion and we hope you will join us!  

*This information and additional details will be sent as a participant email closer to the race. Thank you for your patience! 

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