Half and Full Marathon Participant Instructions

Let us start by saying we are doing our very best to provide a Covid-altered race day run experience. This year has been so weird, and the needed sense of normalcy is something we are holding on to! So, to clarify, our race is Covid-altered, not cancelled, and not totally virtual (unless that is the option YOU choose)! We are making lemonade out of 2020 lemons, so please bear with us as we navigate this along with you!

Please read to the end!

Refunds/Deferrals: No refunds (per signed waiver when registering) offered, and no deferrals. This is non-negotiable. If you want the option for a refund, Active.com offers insurance at the time of registration.


Shirts/Medals: Yes, of course there will be shirts and medals for each participant of the Half and Full Marathon, whether in-person or virtual! To receive your medal the week of the race, please register by October 6th – registrants after 10/6 may receive their medal in mail. 5k and 10k virtual only participants will receive “up-cycled” swag from previous years!


Registration: No race day registration. Online registration will close Tuesday October 27, 2020 at 11:59pm.

Weather: Wow! It looks perfect. Sunny – low of 48 & high of 64!

Additional Waivers: ALL Participants running the official course race day must sign the Covid and Traffic Waiver, and bring with them to packet pick up.

Packet Pickup:  No race day packet pickup. We are offering 4 packet pick up times for all virtual & in-person participants. Packets will include a shirt, medal, number (official course runners only), and other fun goodies! Masks required to pick up your swag – Dana is a high risk person, so please be considerate. You may pick up packets for other participants.

If you want to run the certified courses on race day (see course maps here!) you MUST pick up your timing number on Wednesday October 28 or Thursday  October 29 from 4:00pm to 6:30pm at Comet Trail Cycles – 4342 Floyd Road SW, Mableton 30126. You must have the covid and traffic waivers (linked above) to receive an official timing number.

ALL participants (in person or virtual) may pick up packets at times noted above, or the following weekend – Saturday November 7 11:00am to 1:00pm & Sunday November 8 2:00pm to 4:00pm at the Comet Trail Cycles. 5k and 10k virtual only participants will receive “up-cycled” swag from previous years!

Police: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! If you are running an out and back virtual distance on the trail or the certified course –  there will be no police,  no road or  trail + road intersection closings. You MUST stay on the sidewalk for the first 1.5 miles down to the trail and obey all traffic crossings on Floyd Road, and on the trail. You are responsible for running the course as you would if you were on one of your normal runs and of course if you are running virtually.

Timing: For participants who choose to run the certified course on October 31st, there will NOT be an official mass start or start time. We will have a volunteer with a start line timing mat in place on the sidewalk at the certified start line from 7:30am to 8:30am. (See our start line IG video here!)  Please respect social distancing and pick your time to start within this window. Finish line mat will be in place at the certified finish line until 1:30 pm. The Mable House Amphitheater is closed, we will not be there. All participants who want an official time will have to cross both mats during the timing window.

Boston Qualification: YES, if you run the certified course during the specified time, you CAN use your time for Boston Qualification. Each participant will need to send Garmin (or other GPS data) to us, for BQ verification and support.

Awards: Overall awards only (no age group awards this year) will be awarded to those who run the certified course, based on chip time. We will not have an awards ceremony but these will be in hand race day.

Parking: For those running the certified course, parking is allowed in the DOT lot behind the Arts Center ONLY. Do not park by Mable House or inside the Arts Center lot. We recommend you be dropped off/picked up at the end! There will be no shuttles, and no set up at the start line.

Start and Finish Line Addresses: The certified start line address is: Mable House Amphitheater: 5239 Floyd Rd SW, Mableton, GA 30126. The finish line address is: Comet Trail Cycles: 4342 Floyd Rd SW, Mableton, GA 30126. Please remember the bike shop is still operational and the trail is not closed. Please utilize the DOT lot behind the Arts Center if you plan to run in person! Approximately 1.8 miles between start and finish line – consider this for after race walk back to vehicles!

Course Marking: Please look at the course maps and make sure you are familiar with the routes. Both official courses will be marked with spray paint – a comet with mileage – on the right hand side of the trail. Image example below:

Water Stops: We have our awesome SCHS soccer coaches volunteering for each Half Marathon course water stop from 8:00 to 1:00 with limited water only.  Please carry your own / prepare to be somewhat self sufficient. We will have a volunteer at all marathon water stops except County Line / Isley Stamper (I haven’t given up on getting this one covered by race day 🙂 if you know someone willing to volunteer please have them contact Dana via FB or email.) But again – please prepare to carry your own water and supplements – we will not offer gels/snacks, due to Covid protocols. All water stops are minimal and have single volunteers. Marathon ONLY: there will be 16oz water bottles available at two water stop locations – at Seaboard and Florence Road water stops – if you grab one, please hold the top and bottle until you reach a trash can! Please don’t litter and keep the trail as clean as possible.

Shuttles/Porta-potties: No shuttles available. The distance between finish and start line, addresses stated above, is 1.8 miles. Please prepare to walk back or get dropped off/picked up! The trailhead bathrooms are open and available for use. The trailheads are marked on the course map.

Costumes: Wear your costumes! It is Halloween, after all! And a Blue Full Moon, Daylight Savings, and 2020… – why not celebrate! 😉

Finish Line: Dana and Caitlee will be at finish line tents with bottled water, bananas, cliff bars and other simple goodies. A food truck will be available. Remember, shirts and packets are not available for pick up on race day – must be picked up at scheduled times.

Photographer: Photographers will be at marathon turn-around and the finish line. These photos will be uploaded for free download after the race. Please take selfies and photos, and send them to us, tag us on Instagram and Facebook, since you may be running all over!  Please follow us!

Spectators: You can direct your spectators as you so choose. Covid protocols discourage hanging out at the finish line. Any spectators should wear masks.

Submitting Results: If you run virtually, you may run at any time after Oct 15th through Oct 31st, and submit times and smart watch info via email silvercometrace@gmail.com

Shirt & Medal Design Sneak Peeks: Here’s our 2020 Half and Full Shirt and Medal designs! Colors of shirts are still going to be a surprise!








The above information was sent as a participant email Sunday, 10.25.

Share with your friends, running groups, and family! Thank you again for all the support! We will see you running & walking October 31, 2020.

Happy Trails,

Dana & Caitlee Greene

Race Directors


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